Wayne Harlech-Jones

Senior Web Developer

At Equinox

At Equinox Ventures, Wayne serves as a Senior Developer, focusing on the ongoing development and maintenance of Comply Group’s Time and Attendance product. Wayne's main task is to oversee the creation new features for the product. Wayne also regularly meets with clients to ensure smooth collaboration and effective communication. His role is pivotal in keeping the product technologically advanced and meeting client needs.

Before Equinox

Wayne's professional journey began with his completion of a Bachelor of Computer Science at the University of Namibia. Wayne quickly deep dived into programming with Informix, a precursor to his immersion in Ruby on Rails. Wayne later ventured into freelancing, handling a range of projects from rewriting software for startups to developing solutions for e-commerce platforms. Notably, he contributed significantly to the Namibian Stock Exchange, a testament to his adaptability and problem-solving skills.

Quick Fire Questions:

Do you drink coffee?

No, I don't. I prefer hot chocolate.

What's your favourite travel destination so far?

Probably Vietnam. It was fantastic.

Do you have a favourite working-from-home lunch or snack?

Just a piece of tasty cheese.

Outside Equinox

Outside of work, Wayne boasts a passion for science fiction and fantasy literature, amassing an impressive collection of around 800 books. His interests extend further to linguistics, where he's currently engaged in learning Esperanto, a constructed language aimed at universal communication. Additionally, he enjoys spending time with his mini groodle named Kira, who is currently excelling at puppy training.