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Viable vision


roduction costs cripple big ideas. By shouldering these costs, we help liberate big ideas, enabling our partners to concentrate on making the impossible possible.

A clear view is a global view

Hoping for a better tomorrow? So are we. That’s why we partner with companies that have bold ideas that actively improve how global business is done.

Positive potential

We back companies that are about creating solutions that make a difference to people’s lives.
With a global shortage of workers affecting care providers worldwide, we're turning to AI to tackle industry-wide challenges.


Primary areas of focus

Artifical Intelligence

AI serves as the heartbeat of our R&D, fueling Ocula AI's cognitive assessment technology and Labflow's diagnostic support interpretation and reporting solutions.

Machine Learning

Our focus is on tailor-made ML models, ranging from nimble, highly efficient models designed for mobile devices to expansive, multi-modal analysis models suited for robust use cases.

Computer Vision

This is our area of expertise—Ocula AI supersedes the conventional concussion pen light, while Labflow empowers pathologists to enhance their microscopy workspace through state-of-the-art Computer Vision.

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