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incubator process

Co-Op Creation


or over a decade, we've honed our zero-to-one development approach, shaping it into what we call Co-op Creation—the Equinox way of conceptualising, creating, and delivering companies with the potential to make a real impact, all while keeping it cost-effective for everyone involved.

Thoughtful collaboration

Embarking on a startup journey can feel like navigating uncharted territory with a steep learning curve. At Equinox Ventures, we've mastered the art of incubation so founders can launch their product's first version in under two months.

For this reason, we're selective about who we collaborate with, ensuring each partnership is a seamless match for transformative innovation. Once compatibility is established, we kick off projects in a matter of weeks.

It's the express lane to market, enabling the rapid acquisition of initial customers, generation of revenue, and laying a solid foundation for future investment opportunities.


The zero-to-one program

Two months

In-house, our companies—excluding MedTech—are crafted and launched within a swift two-month timeframe, swiftly turning the gears to generate revenue immediately thereafter.

Zero equity

We're committed to preserving your ownership. Our program operates on a lean and agile fee-for-service model. If you choose to continue collaborating with us post-program, equity could become a potential option.

From $60k

This rate is competitive within the market for a full product development team, coupled with the added advantage of drawing from our extensive hands-on experience in building and running our portfolio of companies.
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