Thil Bandara

Head of Engineering

At Equinox

At Equinox, Thil takes on the role of Head of Engineering, a multifaceted position that spans various responsibilities within the company. Thil not only engages hands-on with the team in delivering products, but also shoulders the responsibility of ensuring the engineering division is well-equipped to scale efficiently. Thil also actively engages with customers, being deeply passionate about fostering alignment between the engineering team, the product development, and the clients' needs, showcasing Equinox's commitment to direct and ongoing engagement with their client base.

Before Equinox

Thil's professional background encompasses a diverse spectrum of experiences in the tech world. Starting with a background in Computer Science, Thil ventured into the realm of mobile gaming, building applications for early mobile phones before transitioning to consultancy. His time living in Vietnam, where he managed a significant workforce during the GFC era, offered invaluable lessons that helped shape his approach and resilience in the face of challenges. Thil has navigated through diverse environments, from larger corporations like Mazda, MYOB and REA to startups like Weploy and ShiftCare, each contributing layers to his expertise, from product development to leadership roles.

Quick Fire Questions:

Do you drink coffee?

I drink tea, actually. I'm currently working through some specialty tea from China that a friend gave me.

Have you got any favourite travel destinations so far?

Turkey. It's this beautiful mix of the Middle East and Europe, and each destination within Turkey offers such diverse experiences.

Any favourite books or authors?

I'm a huge fantasy reader, especially Brandon Sanderson books.

Outside Equinox

Outside of Equinox, Thil's life centers on family and a pursuit of continuous learning. Thil and his wife, with their two young children, prioritise quality time together, often opting for weekend camping trips with their two dogs or a visit to their local beach or pool. Amidst his packed schedule, Thil carves out time for personal growth, engaging in hobbies like bouldering, various fitness pursuits, and diving into new skills such as playing the ukulele and skateboarding.