Rana Kamali

Software Developer

At Equinox

At Equinox Ventures, Rana operates as a versatile software engineer, contributing substantially to various products within both the LabFlow and Comply companies. Her responsibilities span client satisfaction, issue resolution, and innovation to enhance platform usability. Continuously expanding her repertoire, Rana is presently immersing herself in Python to advance her professional development and augment her skills within the company. Her commitment to ongoing learning reflects her dedication to evolving alongside the dynamic tech landscape, ensuring her continued effectiveness as a software engineer at Equinox Ventures.

Before Equinox

Rana began her career in graphics design after graduating from Monash University with a degree in Multimedia Design. At Strategic Flow Management, Rana managed artwork and print solutions, ensuring design alignment across various projects. However, during the pandemic's remote work phase, Rana’s interest in pursing coding grew. Using her spare time and the flexibility of working from home, she pursued coding through General Assembly's Software Engineering bootcamp course, swiftly transitioning from a graphic designer to a proficient junior software developer.

Quick Fire Questions:

Do you drink coffee? If so, how do you like it?

Yes, I love iced coffee and frappes.

What are your most used or favourite emojis?

All of the hearts!

What do you usually eat while working from home?

I prefer making food during the week, often experimenting with recipes from Instagram reels.

Outside Equinox

Outside her professional commitments, Rana enjoys spending time with her niece, often exploring the city together during weekends. Rana and her husband like to try out a variety of cuisines, visiting a new restaurant in Melbourne when they get the chance. Rana’s love for travel shines through, with her recent honeymoon spent adventuring in Japan and hopes to visit the US in the future.