Michael Clarke

Senior Software Developer

At Equinox

Primarily focused on behind-the-scenes development at Equinox Ventures, Mikey works on a range of features within the Lablfow, Comply Group and RapidAuth platform. Notably, he strengthens the platform's cybersecurity features and develops additional functionalities to elevate user experience. Mikey's contributions extend to implementing end-to-end encryption for select platform functions, as well as troubleshooting to ensure seamless functionality.

Before Equinox

Prior to joining the company, Mikey pursued a diverse range of roles, driven by a passion for intriguing projects and creative opportunities. This path was shaped by a deep-rooted interest in technology and computers from an early age, ultimately leading him to pursue a degree in computer science, a decision that laid the foundation for his successful career in web development. One significant chapter in Mikey's career unfolded at a startup called Path Wrangler, where he excelled in the technical aspects of an adventure travel platform. His standout ability to swiftly solve client issues showcased a powerful blend of technical expertise and excellent customer interaction skills, solidifying his reputation for effective problem-solving.

Quick Fire Questions:

What's your top travel destination?

I'd love to take a walk through all of Europe.

Do you have favourite novelist?

I'm a fan of Terry Pratchett.

Do you have a favourite movie?

The Blues Brothers

Outside Equinox

Based in Wellington, New Zealand, Mikey leads a dynamic and adventurous life. He is an avid marathon runner and currently holds the position of President at the Wellington Runners and Walkers Club. Mikey's love for outdoor activities extends to hiking, motorbiking, and canoeing. Recently, he completed a challenging 150-kilometre river expedition along the picturesque Whanganui River. In addition to his athletic pursuits, Mikey is an avid writer, with a series of novels in the pipeline.