Joon Cheong

Senior Software Developer

At Equinox

At Equinox, Joon is deeply involved in AI-based projects, particularly focusing on the Path Reporter initiative. This project seeks to modernise reporting methods for pathologists by harnessing AI technology. Joon's role involves developing a user-friendly system that allows pathologists to input data using natural language, simplifying the reporting process. This innovative approach aims to streamline procedures, making reporting more efficient and intuitive for medical professionals.

Before Equinox

Previous to joining Equinox Ventures, Joon pursued a Ph.D. in Satellite Navigation at UNSW, focusing on GPS systems. Following graduation, they continued as a postdoctoral researcher, supervising Ph.D. students and teaching courses in Space Systems Design and Communication. Their work extended to leading research projects involving satellite construction and experimental device development for space missions. Joon then transitioned into a leadership role at a startup where they developed a LIDAR-based 3D body scanning app for mobile phones. Their work focused on creating 3D body models for measuring body parts, aiding medical studies for post-bariatric surgery monitoring.

Quick Fire Questions:

What are your top three most-used emojis that you like to use?

🚀 💥 💯

Do you have a favourite travel destination?

Yes, Bali. I haven't been yet, but I've heard that it's got good food, I can hire a full-time nanny and have daily massages with my wife.

What's your favourite kind of working from home lunch or snack that you like to eat?

Vietnamese Pho

Outside Equinox

Beyond their tech-centered world, Joon is engrossed in finance, delving into Michael Lewis books and other finance-related audiobooks in their spare time. Joon's downtime revolves around family, sharing moments with their wife and one and a half year old toddler. Given the chance, Joon finds pleasure in solving friends' tech challenges through spontaneous app creations and, on occasion, initiating their own side projects to transform ideas into practical solutions.