Gaurang Rustagi

Software Developer

At Equinox

At Equinox Ventures, Gaurang is a software developer specialising in creating cutting-edge desktop applications, with a primary focus on PathReporter — an AI-driven transcription tool revolutionising pathology reporting. Leveraging advanced AI technology, PathReporter transcribes pathologists' spoken words in real-time, expediting report generation. Gaurang's expertise in frontend technologies ensures the development of a robust and user-friendly application, contributing to the optimisation of healthcare workflows.

Before Equinox

Motivated by a keen interest in the role of technology in an ever-changing world, Gaurang embarked on his software development journey at The University of New South Wales. Starting with freelance projects, Gaurang created a website and e-commerce store for Exosol, then transitioned to SimpleStore, gaining experience in providing e-commerce backend solutions. After graduating from UNSW with a Bachelor of Software Engineering, Gaurang's passion for coding and problem-solving led him to Merkle, where he engaged in full-stack development using React and C#. There, he played a pivotal role in projects such as constructing a booking engine and headless CMS applications for various clients.

Quick Fire Questions:

If you got a year off with full pay, what would you do?

Aside from travelling, it's always been a dream of mine to go skydiving, so I think I'd book that in if I had a year off.

Do you have a favourite place where you've traveled?

Switzerland. The scenery there was so beautiful and it had a very peaceful atmosphere.

Do you have a favourite song, band, or artist?

Choosing a favourite is tricky, but the first song I learned to play on the guitar, "Hotel California" by Eagles. Learning this song was an introduction into the world of music for me, and I can still remember how to play the song by heart.

Outside Equinox

A skilled multi-instrumentalist, Gaurang plays the guitar, violin, and piano, enjoying a diverse range of music from soft folk and country tunes to more eclectic genres. Gaurang is also an avid gamer, immersing himself in competitive online gaming, with his go-to games being FIFA, Battlefield, and Rocket League. With over a decade of professional chess playing experience in India, Gaurang continues to engage in competitive online matches. His weekends strike a balance between socialising with friends in the city, heading to the beach, or enjoying a movie at home, while also making time for some preparation for the upcoming week.