Bill Pearce

Senior Software Developer

At Equinox

At Equinox, Bill serves as a Lead Developer, with his role extending far beyond that title. He's often at the forefront of new and challenging projects, diving into the initial planning and investigation phases. A significant part of Bill’s work also involves integrating various systems within laboratories, ensuring seamless communication between Labflow and other technologies involved. Additionally, Bill frequently engages with clients and vendors, unraveling their technical needs, and bridging the gap between their vision and technical implementation.

Before Equinox

Bill shifted gears from his Philosophy and Politics studies at university when he stumbled upon a C++ book at the library, sparking his interest in coding. This discovery led him to dive headfirst into programming, and after further study at TAFE, Bill landed a role at a small agency in Adelaide. There, he made significant contributions in developing projects such as an eBay fridge ticketing system, including various government-related crowdfunding platforms.

Quick Fire Questions:

What's been your favourite travel destination so far?

The Great Wall of China. The engineering behind it is mind-blowing.

Do you have a favourite band or artist?


Do you have a snack, drink, or go-to comfort food while working from home?

I've got a strategy for managing my motivation – I keep packs of mini chocolates in a drawer on the opposite side of the house. When I need a push to start working, I grab one and make it a rule to only eat it once I've started the work.

Outside Equinox

Outside of work, Bill dives into photography, making the most of his weekends off taking photos at events like food festivals and performances. He particularly enjoys capturing the excitement of monthly fire shows in Adelaide, where daredevils perform stunning tricks with fire. Collaborating with event producers, Bill and his partner exchange content for filming permissions, using these opportunities to refine their videography skills through creating reels for social media.