Balaji Rajagopallan

Regional Director

At Equinox

Meet Balaji, our esteemed Regional Director for India, South Asia, and the Middle East at Equinox Ventures. With a keen focus on driving innovation and growth, Balaji spearheads the establishment of our legal entity in India, overseeing operations with precision and expertise. Specialising in Labflow and Ocula technologies, he collaborates closely with government bodies, private corporations, accreditation agencies, and industry influencers to pioneer lab automation, set unparalleled standards, and streamline processes across the region. Balaji's leadership extends beyond strategy; he actively manages teams and fosters business expansion, ensuring Equinox Ventures maintains a robust presence in backend operations.

Before Equinox

Balaji's journey in the medical device industry spans over three decades, commencing as a medical representative in 1991. His vast experience encompasses roles in interventional cardiology, cardiothoracic surgery, diagnostic imaging, nuclear medicine, and interventional radiology. Throughout his career, Balaji has excelled in sales, marketing, and general management, instrumental in transforming operations from negative to positive profitability. Notably, his expertise in establishing foreign subsidiaries and expanding operations globally underscores his strategic acumen. Prior to joining Equinox, Balaji dedicated 9 years to enhancing infection prevention and control Endoscopic Reprocessing and Renal Reprocessing in India and South Asian regions, elevating healthcare standards to new heights.

Quick Fire Questions:

Coffee or tea?

I'm a tea drinker. I love chai, and I have it every morning.

Do you have any favourite movies?

I'm a big fan of Denzel Washington and Liam Neeson. "The Bone Collector" starring Denzel Washington is my absolute favourite.

What's your go-to working-from-home lunch or snack?

For lunch, it has to be chapatis, vegetable curry and/or dhal. As for snacks, my wife makes amazing dosa, which I absolutely love.

Outside Equinox

Balaji's passions extend far beyond the boardroom. A gifted singer, music is his sanctuary, offering solace and inspiration. An intrepid traveler, he has explored destinations worldwide, creating cherished memories with his family, including an unforgettable skiing adventure at the Sunshine Mountain Lodge in Banff, Canada. Rooted in Chennai, Balaji is deeply committed to social causes, actively contributing to initiatives aimed at providing clean water and supporting educational endeavours in his village.