Anto Dominic

Senior Software Developer

At Equinox

At Equinox Ventures, Anto works as a Senior Software Engineer, specialising in DevOps. His primary focus over the past two months has been on a pivotal product called LabSync, which serves as the backbone for various lab-related processes. Anto's expertise lies in developing automation tools that enable seamless communication between diverse systems within laboratories, ensuring efficient data flow even across systems with different languages and origins. Additionally, he has been instrumental in introducing and implementing tools like Teleport to facilitate secure access to on-premises servers, enhancing the overall operational efficiency at Equinox.

Before Equinox

Anto's journey before Equinox Ventures encompasses a wealth of experience in the tech industry, starting at MG University, where he completed a bachelor in Electronics and Communications Engineering. Anto then went on to study a Masters in Information Technology at RMIT University in Melbourne, where he played a crucial role as a tutor, guiding students in Ruby on Rails and facilitating their entry into the industry. Alongside his tutoring role, Anto worked for a number of startups where he continued to hone his skills and developed a keen interest in DevOps. Anto transitioned into consulting, taking on pivotal roles in both product development and open-source initiatives, such as Chalkboard. With a track record of leading teams of engineers, his journey also extended to international projects, making significant contributions to blockchain endeavours and managing crypto exchanges and servers, notably in Los Angeles.

Quick Fire Questions:

Do you have a favourite travel destination so far?

Vietnam! I have great memories form that trip. I went with my friends and we explored the area by bicycle.

Do you have a favourite movie?

The Godfather and Green Mile are among my favourite movies.

What’s your go-to working-from-home lunch or snack?

I like to go for ribs and burgers at a place in Craigieburn. For a healthier option, I really like Japanese food, like sushi.

Outside Equinox

Outside of Equinox Ventures, Anto loves riding his bicycle and discovering new places in Melbourne, often enjoying family time by taking his daughter for rides. Anto is also a dedicated movie enthusiast who manages to watch a film every two days, often during dinner with his family. With a genuine engineer's curiosity, Anto delves into various DevOps-related projects, including managing his personal server for home automation. Beyond the digital realm, Anto's hands-on approach extends to working on DIY projects with his wife, where they’re currently building an outdoor kitchen and landscaping their backyard.