Amelia Allan

Content Lead

At Equinox

At Equinox Ventures, Amelia is a content lead and customer support specialist. Amelia writes marketing materials for campaigns, as well as implementing social media strategy. Amelia is also involved in reviewing and writing content for FAQs, user guides, webpages and blog articles across EV. Amelia conducts case study interviews with existing customers, including providing technical support and answering customer queries.

Before Equinox

Before Comply Group, Amelia worked as a sales and technical specialist at the Apple Store in Brisbane and Melbourne, where she provided in store and on the phone technical support for users. Amelia also facilitated workshops to the public, including Apple Camp for kids. Whilst working at Apple, Amelia was involved in the organisation and planning of multiple product launches, as well as being part of a specialised mentor team that trained and supported team members. Amelia completed her Bachelor of Music in 2021, majoring in Songwriting. She is currently in her second year at Deakin University studying a Masters of Teaching.

Quick Fire Questions:

What are your TOP 3 most used emojis?


If you got a year off with full pay, how would you spend it?

Probably writing and recording music overseas!

What is your go-to hot beverage?

Almond chai leaf latte with honey.

Outside Equinox

Outside of work, Amelia is a singer-songwriter who gigs regularly at venues in Melbourne. Amelia also enjoys drawing and making things in her spare time, and has an online business selling tote bags made from recycled materials. Lately, she's been expanding her sewing skills to create clothes. Amelia loves hunting for fabrics in secondhand stores to turn into dresses and baby clothes for her friends. All these  hobbies keep Amelia pretty busy, and to balance it all out she likes to go hiking at places like Cathedral Range and areas within Victoria's High Country whenever she gets the chance.